Innovation is the soul of business. However, innovation may also prompt others to try to use your ideas, materials, or products for their own gain. You need to protect yourself from such use of your property, and we can help.

We are ANSEN Patent Law Office, a Chinese intellectual property law firm. We help clients worldwide protect their Chinese intellectual property rights through patent, trademark, and copyright services, as well as through litigation when necessary. Our experienced attorneys and technical experts can assist you even in the most difficult Chinese intellectual property cases. In fact, those challenging cases are our specialty. We also know that many of our clients may be intimidated by the complexities of Chinese IP law, and that is why we are prepared to not only protect your ideas, but also to help you understand those rules and restrictions.

If you have intellectual property, you need to take the steps now to protect it in China in order to maintain ownership of this valuable asset and to prevent others from misusing your innovation. The best protection is prevention. Through our computerized management, advanced communication, and competitive pricing, our specialized legal team will secure your rights, your financial compensation, and your peace of mind.

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